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Earl Grey Tea - Athella

Earl Grey Tea - Athella

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Steeped in history, the British tea table has long been graced by Earl Grey and the taste of royalty from the rich dark, premium tea leaves. Athella Organic Earl Grey tea is traditionally infused with Bergamot oil, creating a luxurious and flavoursome brew that will be sure to please the palate of Earl Grey tea fans. This make for a perfect afternoon pick-me ip or addition to any party scene! And today, you can sip this luxuriously authentic drink at home, just like the royals do.

The Hero.

We have to hand it to the hero title to the citrus notes of Bergamot oil, which gives Earl Grey it's distinct and deliciously smooth flavour.

Brew/Steep Time.
1tsp for 1minute for a light tea, 5 min for the bergamot notes to infuse
90 degrees
Why We Love It.
We feel a little posh when we drink this beautiful blend, pinkies up!
We Recommend.
In the morning as this premium Earl Grey is also a strong caffeinated tea or right after lunch for a little luxury cup of tea.
Italy and Sri Lanka
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