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Extra Happy Buoy Necklace - Rare Rabbit

Extra Happy Buoy Necklace - Rare Rabbit

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This beautiful necklace is handmade with 100% sustainable dyed wood. 

Each piece is created with love and care for those like yourself who appreciate quality and beauty. Perfect for casual or more formal occasions.

Add a pair of Rare Rabbit earrings to draw the eye to this beautiful necklace for that special occasion.

Or just wear it because it makes you feel good! 

Material: 100% sustainable dyed wood


  • Length of necklace: 105cm
  • The diameter of beads: 1.5cm
  • Width of beads: 3mm


  • Handmade with wood
  • Can be worn as a long single strand necklace or looped as a short double strand necklace
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