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Strong, Smart, Creative Greeting Card- Sandra Gale Studio

Strong, Smart, Creative Greeting Card- Sandra Gale Studio

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Courageous and sparkling with quiet confidence. She lives by her own rules. Quick witted and insightful, the conversation always goes deep.

124mm x 177mm greeting card printed in Adelaide on luxurious 340gsm white eggshell paper for a beautiful writing experience.

Blank on the inside for your own message. Perfect to keep on hand for a card emergency.

It is always easy to compliment friends for their appearance, but a compliment about something deeper is so much more meaningful. Remind your people why they are special and how much you appreciate them. And give yourself the reminder too, you’re amazing!

The Girls Weekend Collection was inspired by the amazing women I know. All beautiful, unique and special to me, and all in different colours, shapes and sizes. They are a celebration of the joy of being a woman and the collective power and energy that comes when we recognise that who we are is so much more important than how we look.

“You are strong, smart and creative, I love your vibrant confidence and self belief”

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